Ian Burns © all rights reserved
"Remote Detonation #1-900" 2005
Mixed media interactive kinetic sculpture
55" h x 28" x 19"

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Ian Burns sculpture. Remote Detonation #1-900. 2005         Ian Burns sculpture. Remote Detonation #1-900. 2005        


This piece creates as toy theater the past time of watching late night TV. The events framed by the miniature proscenium are also represented on the other side of the sculpture as a shadow theater projection on a paper screen.

The figure constantly uses his remote to cycle through various TV channels. The interactive component of the sculpture provides the viewer with their own remote button to push, which leads the mechanical figure to stop his channel surfing and he begins to masturbate, leading to a rising erection and eventual ejaculation being played out on stage and screen, after which he returns to channel surfing until the next viewer intervention.

This work was featured as the headline image of the Arts section of the New York Times.


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